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De nieuwe Sterisystem™ Perfo-Safe® Ergo-Stack draadmanden, een “award-winning” product

  • Gepost op 19 mei 2017
  • Gepost door Belintra

Hieronder vindt u een extract van dit artikel geschreven door Hank Balch waarin hij Belintra’s nieuwe “Ergo-Stack” DIN draadmanden belicht als een van de beste nieuwigheden tijdens het IAHCSMM 2017 congres in de VSA.

“Here are the 2017 HB Awards for Best CS Products showcased at the National IAHCSMM Conference & Expo (in no particular order):

Belintra’s High-Density Sterisystem™ & Stackable Transfer Racks

Belintra, the Belgian-based healthcare logistics powerhouse, did not disappoint at this year’s conference with a product that may very well change the game for the efficient sterilization of wrapped instrument trays.

While high-density shelving systems are nothing new in the CS space, the combination of end-to-end, one-touch workflow provided by the Belintra Sterisystem™ is a thing of pure beauty for CS leaders who have found themselves land-locked in an overcrowded hospital basement or constrained to an undersized OR core. You can read more about the Sterisystem™ concept here, but Belintra is taking home a 2017 HB Award for Best CS Products this year for their innovative work on a new sterilization/transfer rack that allows for stacking (yes, STACKING) of wrapped trays during the sterilization cycle (pictured above). This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” concepts that has efficiency written all over it. Stay tuned for wrap validation confirmation from Halyard Health for use in the USA, but it’s already being used in Europe, so I’ve got a feeling the end of inefficiency is very near.”

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